We are only as good as our clients say we are. Luckily our clients seem pretty chuffed with us. Check out what the owners of our latest projects have to say about us and the way in which we work.

Client Testimonials

“Joseph, Allan and the team recently completed a major renovation of our bungalow. Their clear communication, ‘no surprises’ approach, and open pricing model really helped us feel comfortable undertaking such a large project. And we’re delighted with the outcome! Thanks guys.”

Anthony & Arwen

“There was this moment when the vaulted ceiling went in and I saw how much it added to the house. The outlook we have now is really amazing. We have a view and privacy – people can’t see in but we can see out. It’s just awesome how big the space feels and there’s a sense of calm that comes with it.”

Ngaire & Tom

“We commissioned McKinstry Projects to design and build our new home in Kingsland in Auckland. Being a small inner city site, there were a number of physical constraints so the design of a two-storey dwelling posed a number of ‘space’ challenges. We have now resided in this home for a little over four years and we can summarise as follows: the project, including sub-contractors was managed to a very high professional standard. The design is imaginative and processing through consent was painless. The standard of construction was outstanding and we had no issues either during or after the project. We unreservedly recommend McKinstry Projects for either a new dwelling or renovation work.”

Sam & Greg

“Joseph and Allan undertook a major extension and upgrade to our 1930s state house. The result was fantastic and the process was a dream compared to some of the horror stories we had heard from others. Our project went off without a hitch and the clear invoicing process gave us clarity and reassurance throughout - we couldn’t have asked for a nicer bunch of builders!”

Dane & Angelique