No one likes invoices, especially ones for work not yet completed or where you’re paying ‘margin on margin’. Why pay a builder’s margin over the top of the plumber’s margin? Why pay in advance for work that hasn’t even been done?

At McKinstry Projects we’ve developed a fresh ‘Open Book’ approach to invoicing that keeps things simple and transparent, meaning our cost estimates are ‘net to you’.

How does it work?


Each month we pull together the invoices that have come in from our suppliers and sub trades, for work that has been completed on your project. We’ve arranged discounts with our suppliers and sub trades, and again these are passed on to you.

These invoices are then forwarded to you for direct payment. This way you are in complete control of your money. You can track your spend throughout the project, knowing at all times what you have spent, and what you have left to pay.

There is no margin on top from us, no progress payments from tradies for work not yet completed. You just pay for what’s been done that month.

How do we make money you ask? Get in contact and we’ll tell you. We are totally transparent.

Why Open Book?

We use Open Book to minimise risk. Risk for you, and risk for us. It’s a two way mutual trust thing. We are prepared to sacrifice profit for less risk.

Your risk: builder (us) or tradies going bust and you lose advance payments – can’t happen with us as you are paying only for work that’s been done.

Our risk: you’ve drawn down your bank loan and decide to go on holiday or buy a car (believe us this has happened). It has to be ‘tools down’ if monthly payment isn’t sorted.

Open Book also makes variations along the way simple. Let’s say you’d like to upgrade from a laminate kitchen top to a granite one or upgrade your bathroom fittings. We price it, have you sign it off, and make it happen.