The build component is where you see your plans turn into reality – it’s the exciting part. Our emphasis is on a quality build and finish, which means doing things properly and no cutting corners. Allan manages all of our projects, is onsite regularly and believes communication is the key to a successful project.

Allan McKinstry

Allan McKinstry

Builder & Project manager

Allan is from an era where the builder knew how to do ‘everything’ on a building project. He started out in the building industry in the seventies down in the south of the South Island and has gradually made his way up the country to Auckland, where he has been based for 15+ years. With vast knowledge and experience in all aspects of construction, including carpentry, quantity surveying and project management, he has specialised in light commercial, new homes, renovations and extensions for over 35 years.


“Joseph and Allan undertook a major extension and upgrade to our 1930s state house. The result was fantastic and the process was a dream compared to some of the horror stories we had heard from others. Our project went off without a hitch and the clear invoicing process gave us clarity and reassurance throughout - we couldn’t have asked for a nicer bunch of builders!”

Dane & Angelique

The Building Process

Project Management

Allan manages all of our projects. He is your point of contact throughout. He visits your site 2–3 times per week to make sure all is in order and takes care of all the paperwork. This means our builders can concentrate on what they’re good at – building!

Communication is the key to a successful project – if you’re not happy with something or you would like to change something … don’t be afraid to speak up, so we can sort it for you.

Ultimately we want to achieve a great result for our clients so they’ll tell all of their friends about us!

Once your council processing is well underway, Allan will meet with you to formalise our building contract, and to lock in start dates for the build.

We arrange an account for you with our local building merchant which you can use forever.

Now for the exciting part … the build!

Our team of excellent builders arrive on site and make a start. And we guarantee they will stay on site until the project is finished too! There will be a licensed builder on site at all times dealing with council, inspections ordering of materials and making best use of the labour on site. If he comes across something on site, let’s say suspect old foundations or a rotten wall or floor, he won’t just continue, he will report this back to Allan, our project manager, for direction. If it is significant Allan will advise the client and work out the best way forward. No cost surprises.

Cost effectiveness

Efficient use of building labour and time is critical for a successful project and for keeping to the clients budget. A typical renovation for instance might have a licensed foreman, a carpenter and an apprentice builder on site. There is no point in having 7 guys on site for the digging of the foundations, but we may need the extra pairs of hands for installing the roof trusses. This means no leaning on shovels or too many guys getting in each others way!


Let says you’ve seen something on site being built and would like to change it. Maybe make the ensuite larger for instance. Depending on the size and complexity of the change, this may need a council amendment. You have the benefit of the architect and builder working together and so this can happen quickly and efficiently.

Our emphasis is on a quality build and finish, which means no cutting corners, and doing things properly. We don’t like call backs!

Want to get involved?

If you would like to have a hands on role during the project – perhaps you would like to help with the the demolition, dig some holes or take care of the painting, no problem – we’ll let you know where and when and with our open book invoicing system every hour you do means an hour less you have to pay us!

You may have some specialist fixtures and fittings you would like to supply – no problem we’ll let you know when we’ll need them.

  1. Are the owners moving out or staying. Does the house need to be partitioned off?
  2. How much demolition is required?
  3. What is the access to the site like?

Ready to build?

Already have your council building consent approval and now looking for transparent pricing and quality building? We can help. Get in touch and we’ll take it from there.

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Our Building Partners

At McKinstry Projects we like to work with nice people. (No room for grumpy tradies or precious designers!) We have put together a great team of every supplier and sub trade you can imagine. We have selected them based on the quality of their work, their attention to detail and, very importantly, how they interact with our other sub trades and with you, our clients.

Placemakers New Lynn
Builders Merchant

Placemakers New Lynn

K-10 Plumbing

K10 Limited

Leck Electrical

Leck Electrical

Leck Electrical

Vivid Electrical

Phoenix Aluminium
Aluminium Joinery

Phoenix Aluminium

Superior Kitchens
Kitchen & Joinery

Superior Kitchens & Joinery

Elite Bathroomware

Elite Bathroomware